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With Boston’s beloved stadium at its center, the Fenway.

Welcome to Fenway

A stadium-centered neighborhood buzzing with social energy.

With Boston’s beloved stadium at its center, the Fenway’s electric energy channels through those who live and work there. The parkway that the neighborhood is named after is a perfect practice ground for runners and an ideal place to barbeque on summer afternoons. The Fenway hosts a handful of Boston’s best nightlife venues and restaurants, so residents always have something new to do nightly.
Originally named for a strip of parkway at the community center, this neighborhood is better known for housing the baseball stadium that all Bostonians hold in their hearts. A developing community, the Fenway is largely inhabited by those who thrive on the area’s social energy.

What to Expect

Historic apartments and new condominiums surrounded by edgy eateries and luxe lounges.
The Fenway’s recent spurt of new development has resulted in a fleet of top-line condominium and apartment buildings that offer every possible amenity. Many of the homes feature sweeping views of the city skyline or birds-eye views of the baseball game. The neighborhood has also become known as a hub for some of Boston’s best new eateries, from innovative oyster bars to modern-twist taquerias.

The Lifestyle

Socially driven and sporty.
Fenway residents are a gregarious group, likely to post photos of their crew relaxing in the red leather booths at Eastern Standard, tipping back a brew at classic watering hole Joe’s Pub, or waiting for autographs outside Fenway Park. An optimistic sense of gameday energy permeates the Fenway year-round—there’s always a reason to celebrate and cheer.

Unexpected Appeal

Diverse nightlife options.
Weekends bring entertainment-seekers from the rest of the city and suburbs, attracted by the live music venues on Lansdowne Street, landmark bars such as Cask n’ Flagon, and sophisticated lounges like the one found at the Verb Hotel.

The Market

Historic mid-rise apartment buildings and brand-new mid-rises with every amenity.
The Fenway is a compact neighborhood of larger buildings, many with north of 50 units. Elevators are generally the norm here, with a few exceptions. Unit sizes range from small studios to larger homes more suitable for roommates or families. Rental apartments (or condominiums that are rented) far outpace owner-occupied condominiums.

You'll Fall In Love With

Cultural gems and jogs through the Fens.
The neighborhood is home to some of Boston’s top cultural charmers: you’ll fall in love with gallery tours at the Museum of Fine Arts or spending sunny afternoons in the Venetian courtyard of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Jogs through the Fens parkway paths will have you enraptured in the natural beauty of swaying reeds and trickling streams, making it easy to forget that the bustling cityscape is just past the park’s edge.

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